Cookie Outlet & Convenience Store
Pure's Cookie Outlet Store is located right at the Pure's Food Specialties, Inc. 80,000 sq. ft. cookie factory in Broadview Illinois. The store is open to the general public and offers a wide variety of cookies at low outlet prices along with many convenience items, snacks and drinks.

Featured on 190North in December 2011 on ABC7 [video]


Pures Cookie OutletA wide variety of cookies are available along with many different snack foods and beverages. We serve coffee in the winter and frozen ice slushies in summer. We also supply cookies to local businesses for promotional purposes. Call or stop in and see what we have in store for you!

For more information please call us at 708-344-5192.

The cookie outlet store has been in business since the 1950's. Step back in time and experience everything we have to offer. It's a delight for the senses.


Cookie Tub for business promotions, gifts, fundraising

Business Promotions, Gift-Giving, Fundraising: Ask us about economical, made-to-order cookie tubs to promote your business or organization any time of the year!


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A variety of cookies available! More information here.

Doubeks sign
Look for the Sign

The original cookie company sign still stands to this day...

Our cookie factory was originally operated under the name Doubek Cookie Company.

The Pure family purchased the company in 1989 and has continued the tradition of baking quality cookies and offering them at value pricing while constantly improving and adding to their product line.

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